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Your GMX Mail Start Window
The most important GMX Mail features at a glance:

  1. Compose, Search Mail
    Click the button to compose a new message. Use the search function to quickly find messages in your mailbox.
  2. Tools
    The buttons at the top right provide quick access to Organizer, File Storage, Forum, this Online Help, and the Settings. Use the Close Button to safely end your session.
  3. Status Bar
    A quick overview on your inbox: See the number of new e-mails and remaining storage
  4. Folders
    Displays all folders available in your mailbox. The menu command "Manage Folders" allows you to manage your folders quickly and easily.
  5. Widgets
    Customize GMX with widgets of your choice.
  6. Contacts
    This area shows your most important contacts and allows you to send them an e-mail with few clicks.