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Export Contacts From Incredimail
Importing your IncrediMail contacts into GMX

Importing your IncrediMail contacts requires some adjustment, so please follow the steps carefully, in order to import them into GMX.

  1. In IncrediMail, click on Addresses.
  2. In the Address Book, click on File -> Export.
  3. Save the Export File in CSV Format.
  4. Now, you will have to manually edit the export file. Try to open the file with an editor like Notepad or Wordpad.

    Change the field marked "First name" to "First Name" (just capitalize the second word).
  5. Next, change the entry in the third field from "Second name" to "Last Name". Note that these fields are case-sensitive, so make sure to capitalize the second word in this case as well.
  6. Now for the email address field. Change the entry "E-Mail" to "E-mail Address". Once you have made these changes, you should see the correct column headers as below: make sure to save the changes you made to the file.
  7. Now, you can start importing them into GMX. Open the GMX Address Book, via the button in the lower left-hand area of your GMX mail client.
  8. Click on Settings, and then select Importing Contacts. Select MS Outlook Express for the application.
  9. Click on Select File and browse to the folder where you saved the export file. Then click on Add Contacts to start the import process.
  10. A message should appear informing you that the import process is running.
  11. And if all contacts have at least one of the mandatory fields (First/Last Name, Nickname, email address), the import process should be successful for all the contacts in the file.
  12. If a contact has no First Name, Last Name, Nickname, or email address entered, the import will fail for that contact, and a corresponding message will be shown. This guide only covers the basic fields First Name, Last Name and Email address. If you wish to import other fields, some further adjustments have to be made.