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GMX Mobile
Visit with any mobile device’s browser to use the mobile-optimized website.

The mobile version allows you to …

  • Read your email: Just tap a folder or message to open it. To add a message’s sender to your address book, tap the down-arrow beside the "From" entry and select "Save to Address Book". Use the navigation panel above the folder list to go back if necessary.
  • Tap "Refresh" to check for new messages in the current folder or its subdirectories.
  • To delete, mark as read or move one or more messages, tick their respective checkboxes, scroll to the bottom and select an action to perform. You may also use this menu to select all messages at once.

To compose a new message, tap the "new" button.

  • Should you manage more than one senders' address in your GMX Email account, you may choose one by tapping the "from" field.
  • Add one or more recipients to the "to" field. To add a contact from your address book, tap the + icon or just begin typing the contact's name. The autocomplete feature will suggest contacts from your address book.
  • To add Cc and Bcc fields, tap the respective button.
  • To send the message, scroll down and tap the "Send" button.
  • To add one or more attachments, tap the "Add attachments" button below the text field. Select the source, e.g. "smartphone". For each file you wish to add, tap one of the "Choose file" buttons and select a file from the list.
  • Tapping the "Save" button will save the message you have composed to your drafts folder.

You can also use the mobile mailer to create, rename, delete or move your folders. Scroll down to the bottom and tap "edit folders".